Fee Levelization — Advisor Insights Study

Research Findings

There’s a lot of buzz around equalizing or levelizing retirement plan administrative fees. To better understand the landscape, we asked financial advisors how they use fee levelization.

This study highlights1:

  • How are advisors using fee levelization
  • Biggest challenges advisors face when speaking to plan sponsors about fee levelization
  • Frequency of fee levelization conversations with clients.
  • Number of plan sponsors expected to adopt fee levelization within the next year
  • Biggest drivers are for plan sponsors to move to fee levelization

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1. The Fee Levelization — Advisor Insights Study, July 2017

Advisor Insights Study full report

Get the full report chronicling what surveyed advisors have to say about equalizing retirement plan fees. The study was conducted in the U.S. between June 22 and July 15, 2017.
Download the full report

Advisor Insights Study summary

See a summary of the findings from the Fee Levelization — Advisor Insights Study released in July of 2017.
Download the summary

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